UpLock nomade safe

99,00  TTC

UpLock is the first portable safe equipped with a theft detection system and an ultra-powerful alarm that protect your belongings and dissuade anyone who wants to take your phone, keys, or wallet for example. Once locked, UpLock will ring immediately if someone tries to move it, until they put it back down.

If you want to unlock it, just enter your code.

Shipping : 1 week 

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Tired of not being able to swim so you can keep an eye on your belongings at the beach? Are you tired of having to put all your belongings in your backpack every time you want to refill your cup of coffee at the coworking center where you work? If only there were a way to protect your belongings so that you can have peace of mind under any circumstances… Don’t worry. Now you can use Uplock.

Uplock, the first nomad safe to protect your belongings everywhere

UpLock est le premier coffre-fort de voyage nomade doté d’un système de détection de vol et d’une alarme, pour dissuader quiconque souhaitant s’emparer de votre téléphone, de vos clefs ou de votre portefeuille. Une fois verrouillé, UpLock se met à sonner immédiatement si quelqu’un tente de le déplacer, et ce jusqu’à ce qu’il le repose.

If you want to unlock it, just enter your code.

Box contents:

  • An upLock safe and its foams lining

  • A steel anti-theft cable

  • A carrying hand strap

Additional information

Weight 960 g
Dimensions 25 × 19 × 6 cm