The only nomadic safe with an alarm

UpLock is the only portable safe equipped with a theft detection system and an ultra-powerful alarm that protect your belongings and dissuade anyone who wants to take your phone, keys, or wallet for example.

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Peace of mind, Is At The Core Of All Our Efforts.

Tired of not being able to swim so you can keep an eye on your belongings at the beach? Are you tired of having to put all your belongings in your backpack every time you want to refill your cup of coffee at the coworking center where you work? If only there were a way to protect your belongings so that you can have peace of mind under any circumstances… Don’t worry. Now you can use Uplock. If only there were a way to protect your belongings so that you can have peace of mind under any circumstances… Don’t worry. Now you can use Uplock.

Small but spacious, the UpLock safe allows you to easily protect two smartphones, a wallet, keys, headphones, ... and much more!

With UpLock, enjoy every moment of your life without fearing that your most precious possessions will be stolen. Swim, play sports, sleep, enjoy your family and friends, UpLock secures your wallet, your phone, your keys, and everything that matters to you.

Efficiency & Simplicity to protect your belongings

We worked hard to make UpLock easy to use without ever compromising the security and deterrent aspect.

  1. Put your personal belongings in the UpLock safe (phone, wallet, keys, jewelry, headphones, etc.)
  2. Close and lock in one click
  3. It’s so easy. There’s not even a third step!

Now you’re free to enjoy your activities with peace of mind. Rest assured, your belongings are under surveillance!

If someone tries to take the safe or open it: the alarm sounds instantly!

UpLock adapts to all situations.

Set Alarm Volume And Delay When It moves

Outside, whether during a basketball game, a session at the skate park or a day at the beach, set the alarm volume to the maximum. So you can hear your UpLock ringing 90m away (the length of a soccer field!)

For more security, do not hesitate to set a delay of a few seconds to the alarm trigger and put your UpLock in your sports bag or beach bag. You will then have time to take the safe out of your bag and enter your code before it rings. On the other hand, if a thief tries to take your bag then UpLock will start ringing.

Turn Off The Alarm And Secure Your Safe With The Anti-Theft Cable Provided

In some places, such as hospital or airport, we do not recommend using the UpLock safe alarm. Indeed, for a matter of security, alarms are reserved for the health or safety of all. If you feel like taking a nap between two flights, you can then turn off the alarm on your portable safe et l’attach it to furniture with the steel anti-theft cable provided

Tip: the cable is long enough to also secure your suitcase!

Set Sensitivity To Maximum

Whether camping, during a trek, a festival, in a tent, in a van, in a hostel, a hotel or in a mountain hut, set the sensitivity of your travel safe to the high level and use it to store your passport and your keys while you sleep. If someone tries to take your valuables you will be woken up immediately!

UpLock is so small and light that it will follow you everywhere. Discretion assured, you won't even know it's there (as long as no one tries to steal your stuff...).


who make the difference.

Its soft coating will provide additional protection to the screen of your phone or your jewelry. No more scratches !

The molded gasket completes the water resistance of your portable safe. Practical when you come back from the beach, you just have to rinse it with water to remove the sand and salt.